ETC Alumni Fund

The Alumni Fund was built by ETC participants for ETC participants. Each year, a new group of Eastern Trek for Cancer runners join the ETC community and pledge to continue raising funds to support those affected by cancer. Thanks to you, the Alumni Fund welcomes them to this life-long group with a kick off donation of $10 and provides ongoing fundraising support and guidance the months leading to send-off. Please, strengthen the ETC community, continue investing in the Christine B. Foundaiton, and support those affected by cancer through the ETC Alumni Fund.

If you have questions, please, call (207) 517-0256.


Contribute or Raise:

$10+: Provide one "Welcome Donation" to a 2019 participant.

$30+: Gaurentee up to three "Welcome Donations" to 2019 participants & help with the Alumni Fund matching program. 

$75+ [Earn Alumni Fund T-Shirt]: Motivate up to seven new 2019 runners with "Welcome Donations" and build the Alumni Fund matching program for participants struggling with fundraising. 






Double your contribution.  Does your company offer a matching gift program? If yes, please, contact CBF and complete the below fields.